Part #
Hang Box
Part #
Hole Saw mmChuck inchShank inchSuitsDescription
7050-55147080-5514S14-30  1/41/4 rndMost economical
1050-55151050-5515S14-301/4-1/21/4 uniALocking non-slip jaws
7050-55167050-5516S32-511/4-1/21/4 uniALocking non-slip jaws
7050-55187050-5518S14-30  1/27/16 hexAFits 1/2 drills
7050-55197050-5519S14-303/8-1/211/32 hexAFits 3/8 & 1/2 drills
7050-5519SDS14-30  3/8SDS PlusAFits SDS Plus hammer drrills
7050-5519CT7050-5519CTS14-303/8-1/211/32 hexA, B5519 with carbide bit
7050-55207050-5520S32-51  1/27/16 hexA, CFits 1/2 drills
7050-55457050-5545S32-152  1/27/16 hexA, CScrew in pins (quick change)
 7550-552172-953/8-1/27/16 hexFits downlight cutter
7050-55467050-5546S32-1523/8-1/211/32 hexA, CScrew in pins (quick change)
7050-5546SDS32-1523/8-1/2SDS PlusA, CFits SDS Plus hammer drrills
7050-5546CT7050-5546CTS32-1523/8-1/211/32 hexA, B, C5546 with carbide bit
7050-55737050-5573S32-152  3/45/8 hexA, CScrew in pins (quick change)
A = Blu-Mol bi-metal hole saws   
B = Remgrit tungsten carbide grit edged hole saws   
C = RIPPER carbide tipped holesaws   
D = Downlight cutter   
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