Metal Conduit Fittings

With the largest range of conduit fittings in Australia, Ampere is your one-stop shop for all conduit fittings and related equipment needs. Depending on your needs, metal or PVC conduit fittings have a range of applications, providing protection and insulation for cables.

Conduit Fittings

Our own Purlmate ® Mounting Block is a simple, effective product to provide simplified installation of general power outlets, data sockets and switches on ‘Top Hat’ purlins. Made from quality material, it’s used in garages, metal sheds and commercial buildings. It’s also useful as a flush fitting for fitting exhaust fans and home exterior cabling, like for security lights or sensors. It’s Australia’s leading choice in PVC conduit fittings.

PVC Conduit Fittings

You can trust that our conduit fittings provide quality protection as the cable is pulled through during installation and in the long-term. We offer round junction boxes for multiple conduit entry and exit points, and a range of locking rings or reducers for cable bundling.

Even our simple-to-install range of half saddles and metal conduit fittings provide quick, safe and organised cabling assistance. To find out more about our full range of PVC conduit fittings and metal conduit fittings, talk to your local Ampere distributor or inquire on our contact page.

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