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Accessories & Installation Tools

Installation Materials

Ampere’s range of installation materials and accessories makes electrical work, cabling, renovation, cutting, drilling and more easy and efficient.

Cable Pulling Tools

For instance, our CnZ Mate® offers a simple solution for installing switches and sockets in garages, factories, sheds or other structures with sheet metal walls. Fitting either C or Z purlins, the CnZ Mate® can be installed in minutes – on walls, ceilings, workbenches, under eaves and more.

Cutting Tools

We also specialise in cutting tools and cable pulling tools and accessories. Video or Wifi borescopes let you take a detailed look at what you’re working on. Hollow wall anchor guns make fitting hollow wall anchors a breeze. We even offer a great range of adhesives, glues and caulks.

Cnz Mate

These are just some of the great installation tools available at Ampere, Australia’s trusted name in electrical installation equipment since 1947. Whether you need cutting tools, cable pulling tools, Pull Thru’s, borescopes or anything else, we’re the one-stop shop for any project.

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